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How To Clean A Grease Trap

How to Clean a Grease Trap. Grease traps are designed to do just what the name implies, which is to trap fatty oils, greases, and sludge, and to separate the oils …

24/10/2012  · the rational behind a grease trap is that it indeed traps grease before it gets into pipes, theory is is easyer to clean a grease trap that is designed to be cleaned than it is to clean grease …

Kirk from gives a detailed how-to look at cleaning your grease trap. He explains the materials and equipment needed, as well…

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Grease Traps  A Guide to a method of cleanWhen done correctly, learning how to clean a grease trap will save you ample amounts of money for your business. Steps 1. Detach the lid from the grease trap gently with a pry bar. Be sure to go slowly through this process, as there are gaskets for the grease trap located just under the cover.

23 Jul 2015 … Properly cleaning a grease trap is important to keep it functioning correctly. Learn how here from the plumbing professionals at Mr. Rooter of …

A grease trap is a device that is installed inside the building or under the sink. Grease traps will separate and retain fats, oils and grease and solid materials from the waste stream while allowing the rest of the liquid to discharge to the sewer using gravity.

7 sep 2018 … Installation of the grease interceptor isn't enough. Proper cleaning and maintenance is also important, in order to avoid the sewage problems …

How do you clean a restaurant grease trap? update cancel. agjbmldbja axbepbuyx ifctzoortqgkexict ZFFhuoTeOfUSr If your restaurant is open longer hours and uses grease and/or smoke to cook, then you should require more frequent cleanings.

If you don’t already have a grease trap, check out this post Installing a Grease Trap.If you do have one and you want to find out how to clean it, please read on. Where are Grease Traps Located? The first step to cleaning your grease trap is locating it.

Grease traps are essential for preventing clogs and issues down the road. Make sure your grease trap is cleaned regularly.

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16 Jan 2018 … Attention all restaurants, delis, and other foodservice businesses—your grease trap needs to be cleaned! Here's how to do it.

At Jenny's Pizza in Lancaster Ohio I wanted to save over $200 and clean the restaurant's grease trap myself. So after learned how I made this video so you…

How to Clean Your Grease Trap. Step 1: Slowly remove the lid of the grease trap with a pry bar, but do so very slowly. Being too rough or moving too fast could damage the gasket lying underneath the lid. Once the lid has been removed, inspect the grease trap to familiarize yourself with the parts.

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Clean the lids, trap sides, and parts with soap and room-temperature water. Use a steel pot scrubber to remove excess waste and odor. Flush the screens and parts with water to remove the soap and debris. 8

23/07/2015  · How to Clean Your Grease Trap. There are few different ways to clean a grease trap yourself, depending on the size, location and type of grease trap. By setting a weekly grease trap maintenance schedule, your establishment will run safely and efficiently at all times.